[Elfsea] Glaslyn Artisan Thank yous

Nancy Chevalier chevalier8278 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 26 10:49:51 PDT 2009

I want to thank the ALL the members of the Canton of Glaslyn for their help, support, and donations.  As always, this Canton has shown that it is the best in the kingdom to call home!

Their Excellencies: Wolfe and Ceinwen, Ldy.Micola, Caius, Dunchan,Ldy. Colleen,Alex, Sir. Louis, Meagan, Dameon, Keira and all the others my flakey brain have forgot!

Thanks to our teachers.  Those were the best classes this event has ever had. There was a great variety of topics to entice all to learn something new. I know everyone enjoyed the hands on work that lead to some pretty nice take-homes!

M. Hanna, Ld. Silvious, HLdy.Saqra,HLdy. Katya, Ldy. Jocelyn, Ld.Dunchan, and His Excellency M.Wolfe. 

I want to thank all the artists who came out to show us their work. You all are true inspirations. On that note...

Vivat to the Newest Artisan and Keeper of the Flame
Artisan-Ld.Silviou the Fop
Keeper-Lady Viviana Rowntree 

And of course thankyou to all those who attended our humble little event.

Ldy. Aurelia
Canton of Glaslyn


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