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Ceatta o Gulcleth ceatta at flash.net
Sat Feb 14 08:58:24 PST 2009

For the longest time, Medieval Scotland was our premiere demo, and we have
gotten several wonderful members out of our showing there.  There were times
in ages past when this demo required the same dedication that Defender or
even SpringFaire demanded of us. We showed the local populace (mundanes,
that is) what life could be like and we touched the hearts of a number of
people (I'm sure).

But we do not do this as a member-raising demo (to the chagrin of many),
because (as a number of people who have been around will testify) there is
something heart-warming to see the light come on in a person's eyes when you
tell them about the life and times of our ancestors (not just European).
Why, we've even had Scottish Belly Dancers at this hoedown!

As an FYI, here is a comment I got from the Coordinator of the Highland
"We have invited a group called 'Viking Invasion' to participate this year,
but we really want the SCA to participate as well.  You are a very colorful
addition to the event and we have enjoyed our cooperative efforts over the

It would be nice to live up to that expectation.

And, as a reminder, they are being held at Maverick Stadium (at the corner
of Davis and Mitchell in Arlington) from June 5 - 7, 2009.

In Service to Our Great Barony, Baron and Baroness,
Lord Ceatta
Elfsea Demo Coordinator Emeritus
aliquantulus ferment nunquam vulnero quisquam
(a little ferment never hurt anyone)
Ceatta at flash.net

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