[Elfsea] Sunday practice!

Rick Johnston rikr_foetipper at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 16:31:55 PST 2009

I am officially canceling this upcoming Sundays practice.  Anyone interested in fighting in melees should attend the northern regions "Over the Border War Maneuvers".  Not only will there be representatives from some of the best melee units in our kingdom there, there will also be representatives from Calontir.
This Sunday, starting at noon and going until about 6 at Boomer Lake in
Stillwater, OK....

The Province of Mooneschadowe will be hosting the "Over the Border War
Maneuvers"! We have people from Calontir coming down to play with us so lets
show them what the North has to offer.

As before.... if you are an authorizing marshal or are a fighter in need of
getting authorized before Gulf War... please attend. This will be the last
Northern Regional Event before Gulf War. Lets make sure that the
armor/weapons are in good repair and the cards are all in order BEFORE Gulf

After the fighting, the plan is to go to the New China Buffet for dinner.

The directions to the site and the restaurant are on the link:

http://tinyurl. com/OvertheBorde rWarManeuvers

If you have any questions, please contact:
Lady Elsa von Schammach
elsa at hailmog. org

Lady Elsa von Schammach
Centurion Orion

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