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More weavers!!!!  Welcome to Elfsea. I live in  Crowley south west Fort

I look forward to meeting you. Fast moves are hard, take your time and
find your feet.

Mistress Ameline DuBois

Crazy lady, lover of life, mom, wife, and zoo keeper



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Hi everyone! My family and I have just moved into Elfsea from the
Kingdom of Atenveldt, Barony of Twin Moons.

I was wondering if anyone could send me information on fighter practice
and populace meetings?  My husband fights hard suit and hasnt been able
to get on the field in months due to our move :-( 

I also heard there is a Needleworker's Guild? I do inkle weaving,
embroidery, and silk painting and would love to get involved.


Unfortunaetly we wont be going to Gulf Wars because we were getting
ready for Estrella and then had to move unexpectedly but we cant wait to
meet everyone!  Your barony was highly talked about when people heard
where we were going.


In service,

Lady Gwenllyan verch Wilkin

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