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Greetings!Notes for those who want to know, but can't make the meetings.
In Service, H Hy Hanna Elfsea Chamberlain

Elfsea Business Meeting – 2/16/09


Gulf Wars – Opening Ceremony is now on Tuesday.  War Points start on Tuesday.



Feb. 28th – need to have a shed work day to clean
up and remark things before Gulf Wars and Defender come around.

Baroness wants to have a Garage Sale at War Lord.  If you have SCA related items to sale, and
are okay with the money going to the Barony, please donate. 



Kingdom A&S rocked for Elfsea.  Alex was the only performer.  M. Amiline & Hanna are Champions, Aelfwyn
and Tadge earned pilgrims’ badges.

Lochlan made the pilgrims’ badges.


Wed. 18th, having a “Get ready for War” work
night at house in Azle.



Due to new Printing timetable, reports must be in EARLY.
Send in the Tuesday night before Moot, this month that is Feb. 18.  This will be an on-going deadline for the
next few months. 

Losing our cheap printing in April.  Looking for a new source to print 40-100
pages per month. 



Needs new forms printed. 
They are nice and have dates on them.

Needs the newest list of the Barony’s positions.  (Chamberlain sending her one)

There is a new NMF sheet – not too scary.

Made c. $900 at 12th Night!!!!  Barony got to keep about $320 of it!!!  



There have been about 4 new comers out lately.  Some going to Gulf War, so help is needed for



Everything is set for Defender.

Working with vendors to get donations of bows and arrows as
prizes – mostly for the children at this point.



Elfsea OP update almost done.  But she has no dates for many of the Baronial

SEND Event & Dates of: Portcullis, Azure Pearls, Grails,
etc. to Historian

NEEDS: Pictures and files. 
Has no history files. 


Bardic on Friday’s – going great.

There will be a competition at Defender.

Knight’s Marshal:

Saturday Boy Scout Park fighter practice had lots of
turnout, were able to give a $60.00 donation to the camp.  

People had fun practicing melees.

Sunday – Official fighter practice is Cancelled.   In Moonschadow (Stillwater, OK)
they are having a Hugh Melee practice with Calintor people.  COME & FIGHT!  Noon to 6 pm.


Defender Autocrat:

April 3-5 – Hillsbrough site

Owner has been great and is working with us and the land to
make more room available.  

Working with us for a possible cheaper site in October. 

Having merchants and taverns come in from the outside. 

NO Camping INSIDE the Town. 
That is for Vendors only.

Will have access to stage and some Taverns for SCA

Playing to the south for people, since the North has a large
Demo/event that weekend. We also need to sale Defender locally.  Against Raven’s Fort in the south as well. 

People will need to Troll in first, one of the gates will be
blocked to prevent extra travel though the town.


P&P will be at event. 
Princess Tea at the event.

Afternoon will have list field open for melees.

Dinner at the List Field. 
There will be lots of space around the list field, but no camping on the
list field.



Only 3 people said “Yes” with 100% in the two weeks the question was on the
Email list.

To run the demo RIGHT, it needs 20-40 people who can commit.

Deadline to send a response is Feb. 28th. 

[There was lots of discussion about the purpose, alternate
ideas for the demo, and the type of support given in the past. Ideas generated,
but they all need people, even a scaled back version of the demo.]


Steppes Artisan / Elfsea Baronial College: 

Possibly combining the two events into one event.  Held on same day at the same location.  UTA can be had for FREE!  (No food.)

The College will be more focus on SCA 101 and fighting or
simple A&S.  Many of the advanced
A&S people will be in the Steppes Artisan room. 

Steppes will be the Group of Record.  The split will only be 50/50, if a Canton sponsors something,
the Barony will pay them from their 50% split. 

Event needs two autocrats: One for Steppes and the Artisan /
One for Elfsea and the College and class planning. 



 These happen in the
Central region more than in other regions.

These are being discouraged by the Crown at this point.  In a few years there might come down a
stronger prohibition against off-calendar events. 

Groups might start considering what they can do with the
events held during their unofficial events. 

"Burn brightly without burning out." - Richard Briggs

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