[Elfsea] Fighter Practice Attendance Etiquette?

Rick Johnston rikr_foetipper at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 15:48:30 PST 2009

In the past we have not required any kind of notification of missed practices.  It is just a given that attendance can and will vary.  While it has been known to happen that we marshalls drag gear across town and have no one in attendance.  I can say I dont feel as though Ive wasted my time if even one willing participant shows up.  Hopefully we will see you out at practice soon.
Rikr Foetipper
Knight Marshall of Elfsea
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Subject: [Elfsea] Fighter Practice Attendance Etiquette?
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Hi y'all,
I'm new on-board and going to have to miss a second fighter-practice in a row. B/c of my teaching schedule, I've not yet actually had any F2F contact with Elfsea or Lindenwood (where I live), and would like to know the etiquette on missing practices. Is notification standard, or is it taken for granted that attendance numbers will simply vary wildly? Is there anything that guarantees that the folks running it won't waste their time hauling gear across town if there's a "bad attendance day?"
Thanks in advance, and sorry to bug y'all.
-Russ Mitchell/Karacsonyfalvai Bököny
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