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Are you interested in persona play or just want to watch others do it?

 Come to the Dark Star Tavern. A place to practice and grow your persona. 


Dark wood, broken and slanty tables and stools, stains on the floor(Is that blood?), large mugs of ale or mead or what ever yer preference. 


Know ye now that tho I been traveling with my merchant father over many kingdoms, I never got much educating, so my writing may not be the best. That don't mean that I be ignorant nor that I will put up with bad treatment o me nor anybody else in my tavern. 


Come, sit, talk, enjoy a drink, meet new friends

We have a large fireplace with plenty of room to draw up yer chair. Dark corners if you just like to drink in peace. Anything ye may want to drink, I can get fer ye. But I tell ye now, this be a tavern, no a bawdyhouse nor a opium den. 


So if the servin' wench says "No", she means "No". A'course if she say 'yes', ye have to make yer own arrangements wi' her.


If ye want a fight, take it outside. I don' make enough money ta keep replacin' the tables & chairs the brawlers break. Also those blood stains are vera hard to get off the floor.




Check it out and Welcome.

Lady Gabriele

Dark Star Tavern Keeper

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