[Elfsea] Cleaning "Thank You"s

Deana Covel Whitney dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 28 13:58:22 PST 2009


It was windy and cool, but the sun was out and much activity kept the Shed cleaners warm. 

The Barony now has a newly cleaned and organized shed. Those who help with shed loading for Defender will be pleasantly surprised.

Now there are two shelves full of stuff to sell.  Two items that are being offered to Elfsea people first are: Metal peg boards and camping stoves. The peg boards would be great for a garage tool set.  Long ago the Barony used them to display weapons from during demos. If you want one of these items, please email me off list for information.  

First I want to thank everyone who came out to help move and clean.  Without these people I would not have been able to accomplish much. Instead, much was accomplished and we finished early!!!
Mari (aka Rua)

Second I want to thank the people who fed us!!!
Ker Megan (aka Pyro) - made a great lunch of chicken, potatoes, and pasta
Aleric - brought doughnut for us to snack upon. 

My deepest thanks and praise to everyone who helped.

In Service,
 H Ly Hanna von Dahl
 Elfsea Chamberlain

"Burn brightly without burning out." - Richard Briggs


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