[Elfsea] Elfsea rocks Eistedfodd!

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Sat Jan 3 20:51:02 PST 2009

Good Mistress and my dear friends,

Your words humble me beyond expression. This was indeed a heavy competition
- SIXTEEN competitors sought to take on the Sable cloak. M'lady Catrin (I am
almost certain I butchered her name), Svan's lovely lady, did take the day.
It was between her and Mistress Adelaide, who performed some amazing pieces
(ask her about her rendition of "Old Used Queen" sometime!) and held her own
against some fierce competition with grace and style. It was an honor to
compete against the likes of HL Antiginous Bearbait (former Premiere Bard),
His Grace Miguel, Mistress Adelaide, HL Tadgh (Bard of the Steppes), Lady
Maggie McPherson and others. This was without a doubt a Bardic of the Ages.
Our kingdom is truly blessed to have bards such as these.

So, it's on Bards! I hope to see many more of Elfsea's amazing bards compete
in next year's Eisteffod (and our own Bardic competition...coming to an
event near you in October!).

It was (and is) truly an honor to represent such an amazing Barony. What a
lucky bard I am!

Ever in service with a song and a smile,
Lady Eleanor Cleavely
Bard of Elfsea
Descendant of the White Oak
Twice Bard of Sun Dragon
Premiere Bard of the Citadel of the Southern Pass

On Sat, Jan 3, 2009 at 10:26 PM, <Klfrench1023 at aol.com> wrote:

>  Good Populace of Elfsea,
> If you missed the Eistedfodd competition at Twelfth Night, our own Eleanor
> Cleavely displayed her exceptional Bardic talents during the competition.
> She made it to the final four, and the competition was so close, but alas
> she was not chosen for the final two.  Unfortunately, I shall have to wait
> for some other good gentle to post the final results, as I had to leave the
> event before the announcement was made.  I must say, in all honesty, I was
> truly blown away by her performance--not simply her voice, which is
> excellent, but in the delivery of each piece.  Anyone who has not had the
> pleasure of seeing her perform should seek out the next available
> opportunity to do so.  Eleanor, you rocked my world!  Better yet, you were a
> shining example of our Barony's talented populace.
> Long Live Elfsea!
> Mistress Caterina Fregoso
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