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Greetings one and all,

    This past weekend the Central Region was proud to host the Kingdom at
our 12th night celebration.  We had many wonderful "events" during the day
and evening. There were sounds of children's laughter throughout the day and
tears of joy when beloved friends were recognized in court. The Kingdom has
a new Premier Bard, and the competition was a blessing to behold. Also there
were vigils for two of Ansteorra's finest, Sir Karl and Duchess Vanessa.
There was even a delicious feast served throughout the day.  All in all it
was a day that will not soon pass from our memories.

    There are many who deserve to be thanked for such a wonderful event,
please know that the following gentles in their own way lightened our burden
and made it easier for us to enjoy the day.  First we would like to thank
all of you who attended, with out you the event would have been lonely. We
would also like to thank our coordinators who actually organized most of the

  Honorable Lady Honour du Bois- She handled pre-reservations and ran our
gate.  327 people passed trough gate, 197 ate feast, and 141 people pre
reserved for the event.

  Honorable Lady Maggie MacFearson - She coordinated the performers for each

  HE Master Ihon Vinson MacFergus - As outgoing Premier Bard he organized
the Eisteddfodd

  Centurion Damon Xanthus - This man is incredible, his setup team of
volunteers had site set up in just under an hour

  Lord Cathal Finn O'Brian - Supervised the tear down volunteers who got us
out of the hall with time to spare, tear down for the event took 45 minutes
including final inspection.

  Mistress Ameline du Bois - Kept our young ones busy throughout the day
with organized children's activities.

  Honorable Lord William Black Dragon (called Ironwyrm) - Planned and
organized the table top siege weapons competition as well as provided the
prizes too.

  Don Duncan Hepburn, the Steppes Gaming guild & the Steppes Moniers Guild -
who provided the casino; games and money as well as the sound of coin
changing hands

  Lady Ealasaid Mac al'Bhaird (called Al-Aeryn) - Organized 'Merchants Row'
as well as provided a broad sheet of the vendors and their wares.

  Honourable Lady Aelfwyn Webbestre - Diligently handled getting crash space
for those who needed it in order to come to our event.

  Lady Elizabetta di Valore della Rosa - Organized the four Costume
Competitions (early and late period/ men and women)

  Lady Genvieve de Lironcourt - She was the Royal and Noble Liaison for the
autocrat staff.

  Honorable Lady Lyonette van Leyden - Feast Steward, cook, artisan
extrordinaire, Not only did she plan and deliver such tasty morsels of food,
she organized the decor for the serving room, taught and directed the
artists who painted the murals, made the banners, threw the pottery for
the serving dishes and hand carved the original pilgrims badges used to cast
the final pieces presented to the high table.

  HE Baron Avery Shaw - As Hall Steward he ensured everyone got to eat in a
timely manner.

  HE Kathryn Cunningham and HE Druinne de Salesbre for making time to judge
the table decorating contest

As you can see many hands made for light work and supporting each of these
people were many others who volunteered their time.  Each of you who lent a
hand helping to spread the work, have our gratitude and deepest
appreciation. We would also like to thank TRM for their wisdom
and flexibility with the schedule as well as sharing this wonderful day with
us. There was much to see and experience and You gave much to each venue you

   Lastly we would like to thank the people of the Central Region
for entrusting this event in our care.

We remain in service to Crown and Kingdom,

Sior Tomas Niallagian and Sir Hrafn Olafsson
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