[Elfsea] Learning Experiences that work.

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Mon Jan 5 13:49:50 PST 2009

I am sure Elfsea has one of highest records for Producing Premier Bards.
Duke. Jonathan was the first and was one of the founding members of Elfsea. He was part of the group formed by Duke Koris.

Lord Antigous and Lady Eleanor both lived in Elfsea. And now the honor is back in Elfsea with Lady Catrin. 

I won it while I was living in Elfsea and I would give credit to Elfsea because it was the refinement I got from the feedback at the Kragonworth Bardic that put me over the top and let me it further than second place. 

I know that one of the conditions that produce Champion fighters is practicing with people to push you. The "Bon Chat. Bon Rat" concept of Duke Jonathan. 
In Elfsea we a wonderful Bardic Event every Month at Lord Tarkus and Lady Gwendolen house. It has the feel of an event which I feel is useful because it gets you used to preforming in your garb and in the lighting and style of SCA activities. It is very friendly and it allows you to see many different styles. The friendly atmosphere also allows you to bomb without feeling bad. It is a perfect way to learn through modeling. For me that is very good because I learn better through watching and trying. 

I would like to hear from people that are champions in their field about learning Experience that worked for you

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