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Lady Catrin,
You are as wise as you are talented, and that is considerable.  This  has 
always been my philosophy in the SCA as well as in the modern world, and it  has 
served me well.  After almost 28 years in and out of the SCA, you can  well 
imagine that many of the newcomers that I have met throughout the years  have 
become royalty and peers, some several times over.  I have always  found it much 
more rewarding to be kind and generous to all regardless of rank  or station. 
 If I hear something nice about someone, I always make it  a point to tell 
that person what I have heard.  I enjoy that sort of gossip  far better than the 
other.  Teach by example, Good Lady, and stay your  course.  I predict that 
you will go far.
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If we  treat every new person as a valuable addition to the group, look at 
them as  someone who might someday be a King, or a Queen, or a Lion, or a master 
and  teacher of their art... then I think the support we give to our 
newcomers  takes on a whole new level of importance.  

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