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Greetings Everyone,

I missed Business meeting due to illness, but I took some notes at Moot. Where some of the same stuff was covered (I figured).

In Service,
 Hanna von Dahl, OL
 Elfsea Chamberlain

Elfsea Moot Notes – September 28, 2009

•	It’s the start of the Heavy Tournament season – they will be busy for the next 8 week straight with an event all but one or 2 weekends.
•	Will be bringing the Blue & White to 3 Queens if people need a place to sit under.  Bring food items for the general nibbling of all. 
•	Duchess Conal is Feeding her Army that night – their will be a joint effort to feed all the armies together
•	Elfsea Fall Event is off on a role – volunteers still needed
•	Is the 2 Year Anniversary of their time as B&B. They promised the crown no less than 4 years, no more than 7 years.  If they steep down at 4 year mark – the process to find the next B&B will begin in 18 months – not a lot of time in the SCA.  If you have ever thought about it or want to know more about being the B&B talk to them privately. 
A&S Night – Oct. 20 – Alienora will be teaching Middle Eastern garb at Caelin & Pyro’s house.
Champions will be chosen at Fall event – should be fun & the rules are on the website.
Tell me if you have ideas or wishes for classes.
Bids for the office will close in December.  Email CR MoAS (Hanna), the current MoAS, & the B&B.  Warrant will be signed at January Round table.

Knight’s Marshal
Rikr’s last night – Stepped down – was thanked by Baroness & CR KM for his work.
HLd Alejandro was named the new KM.  Hopes to keep things exciting and fun at Wednesday night’s practice.

Rapier Marshal
Aleric’s last night – Stepped down – was thanked by Baroness & CR KM for his work.
HLy Amalia was named the new RM.  Hopes to get Rapier going again at Wednesday night’s practice.  
Working for some fun scenarios for the Harvest Festival & will ask about the Iron Star Tourney after the next winners are chosen this weekend at 3 Queens. 

Archery Marshal
Lots of things going on – all good
Have fully enjoyed 2 years as Archery Marshal, but office is open for bids.  Talk to him about questions.

Autocrats of Fall Harvest
Location is Great – hope to get pictures on the website soon. East of Waco, lots of moonlight
Need a few assistants: Gate, shed loading / unloading, Set up / break down, security, etc.
	Hospitality Tent (Waterbering) hostess really needed. 
Plan to have Games & Gamboling – bring largess type times as your “money”

We have money!  All reports are current and in.
All outstanding checks for Heraldry have cleared & check for Big Blue arrived.
The Budget for 2010 needs to be submitted ASAP.  Will vote and finalize next month. 

Where did people go?
Lots to events & places listed.
Brag – Sir Tomas won the Champion of Raven’s Fort.
	HLd Locland will be elevated to the Knighthood at BG 30th – weekend after Fall Harvest 

Lots of people traveling in October.
3 Queen’s – people in the barony are supporting all the queens. 

"Burn brightly without burning out." - Richard Briggs


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