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Sandra Geil alexsandraeryn at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 19 13:59:32 PDT 2009

This is the message I put on the World History Group at AISD:

The Barony of Elfsea is a group within the Society For Creative Anachronism. 

Members research and learn about many aspects of the Middle Ages and attempt to recreate those activities. Several local members have received recognition for the quality of their research and practice of these arts. We strive to give accurate answers to questions and direct interested people to sources for further research. We have become fairly proficient at explaining our crafts to learners of all ages.

The usual mix for a demonstration event includes but is not limited to:
	illumination of manuscripts and calligraphy
	textiles from spinning fiber  through weaving and  decoration of finished pieces 
		Mistress Stella is often present to speak on fabric dyes - 
		she has a display of how water from different local sources affects the finished color of fiber
	displays of tools of all sorts -- we have several smiths in the area 
		[sometimes there is a person making chain mail]
	bards perform stories and music
	sparring demonstrations with light and heavy weapons (questions only--no hands on for this activity)

I focus on textiles and I will have looms for students to try out and also have a chest full of things the slightly well off pilgrim would carry for long journey to use instead of the traveler's checks of today for a question and answer conversation. 

If you would like to offer students the opportunity to visit with us for bonus points, I will have a sign in sheet [I will post the names Sunday Nov. 1] and a token for them to return to you. They should ask for Lady Ealasaid (pronounced el uh sed) or al AERYN (pronounced like Erin).

If there is a particular topic of interest or further questions feel free to REPLY to SENDER for more information.

Sandra Geil
Lamar Social Studies


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