[Elfsea] Tent Questions

Crandall crandalltwo-scalists at yahoo.com
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The lumber company I was thinking about is: 

Barney Robinson Hardwoods Lumber Co Inc
2500 E Lancaster Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76103
	(817) 534-8901

They are very friendly. I have even gotten nice small project sized cut offs from their saw area for little more than spare change. Rough, but beautiful wood. 
They are a full service mill, able to produce what ever you need. 
Were the train tracks not in the way, you could walk up the hill from Armand's place to reach it. 

Crandall, Olde Phart 

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> Paxton
> Lumber. They are in fort worth and can get just about any
> thing. http://www.paxtonwood.com/ 
> -OR-
> Chickasaw Lumber
> Address: 2705 West Vickery Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX 76102
> Telephone: (817) 332-1257
> These may be who crandall was speaking of.
> Lochlan
> ( on a side note: Paxton Lumber is owned by actor Bill
> Paxton's dad.)
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> Teak can have its own problems. It
> never really dries due to the
>  oily nature of the wood, thus it would stain your canvas,
> plus the sawdust is poisonous. I would say go with ash or
> oak. You maybe able to find baluster rail that would do
> quite well and already finished in the round. I would carve
> the end pieces out of a separate piece, then attach them to
> the pole when I set up the tent. That way if the pole broke
> it would be easier to replace the carvings. I would go to
> the lumber yard that is on Lancaster near Beach in FW. They
> are a mill yard and can produce what you may need. 
> For the canvas, I would talk to some of the people at the
> infamous fabric district to see what they can offer.
> Sunforger is one of the best brand names for tent canvas.
> Pretreated and flame proof. 
> Crandall, Olde Phart 

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