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Vickie arastya at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 5 06:43:19 PDT 2010

I need to ask a huge favor or help from our family and friends

We are scheduled to move into our house in Haltom City by the 15th of August, 
and have to be out of our rental house in NE Arlington no later than the 15th.  
We didn't expect it to be a hard move or a huge deal and were going to do the 
moving by ourselves.  Until this last few days that is.

Jon got sick last week with severe stomach pains, after doctors not being able 
to figure out what it was they put him in the hospital on Tuesday.  Late Tuesday 
afternoon they figured out it was gall stones and scheduled him for surgery on 
Wednesday morning.  The surgeon was going to fit Jon into his surgeries between 
the others already scheduled, because the GI doctor said there were to many 
stones to wait.  It was suppose to be a normal scope minimally invasive surgery, 
at least until the surgeon got inside and saw what he was looking at.  The gall 
bladder was massively infected and filling with gangrene.  The surgery was much 
longer than I expected so I sort of had an idea it was not going as planned.  
The surgeon told me afterward that if the surgery had been delayed any longer 
the out come would have been much different than it ended up being.  At this 
point they expect him to recover, but they say he is still not out of the woods, 
they are worried about post surgery complication and other issues.  Jon will be 
in the hospital several more days even if everything goes right.

So here is the favor I need to ask of people, with Jon not being able to help 
with the move at all now, I need to ask for volunteers who can come help me get 
our things over to the new house.  We don't have a ton of things compared to 
most SCA households which is a good thing I guess.  We had already moved all the 
craft, and fabric things over to the house prior to Jon's getting sick.  I am 
going to try and get everything packed between now and the 14th.  I am hoping I 
can get some volunteers to help me with getting the rest of our things moved 
over to the Haltom City house.  

If you think you might be able to help with this, I would really appreciate any 
and all help I can get.  I know several of you are leaving for Pennsic in the 
next couple of days and won't be back in time to help, so I am not even sure who 
to ask for help which is why I am listing this general plea for help.

Thanks so much in advance for all the help and support you are able to give.  
Mistress Asiya (formerly Arastya and before that Stasya)
Vickie Bratcher
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