[Elfsea] Weekend

Vickie Bratcher arastya at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 9 16:05:03 PDT 2010

I want to thank everyone who came out to help us with the move.  I was more than moved by the generousity of your time and energy.  I remebered telling a group of people the reason I am still active in the SCA after all these years are the people.  This is a perfect example of what I was talking about.  Jon who is much more cynical then me, said this restored his faith in the goodness and generiusity of people in general and especially in the awesome people in the SCA.  

Jon is home and improving every day.  Maybe not as fast as he would like, but I can see the improvement.  Not having to worry about how we were going to get our belongs moved, gives us a huge piece of mind so we can concentrate on getting Jon back to his old self again.

I am sending this from my phone as we don't have the internet back up.  I don't think this will post to both list automatically,so if not could someone forward it to the other list for me.

Thanks again with all our hearts to our Steppes & Elfsea friends and family

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