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I beg you who recieve this missage to cross post, as not all of my messangers 
have safely reached there destenations.

Awaken Ansteorra to terrible news, one of our own heros has fallen to the zombie 
hordes, and the devil has given him fowl powers to lead the armys of darkness.

Yarl Hrafn Olafson was infected by the undead and is,  I fear infecting his 
brother Knights.  It is time to take the battle to the horde and reclaim the 
west lands in which he is roaming.

Some friendly alchemists insist they are very close to a cure for this plauge, 
but I fear that only the strong arms of the sons and daughters of the Blackstar 
will be able to turn this threat to our very souls.

I ride to meet this army of evil at Gothic Wars XIX, I pray that I will not 
stand alone.

Centurion Damon Xanthus

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