[Elfsea] This is what happens when you pay a cheap scribe

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Thank God!!!! I was worried for a second they were real undead zombies!  Woosh!! Big sigh of relief!

Kar.....er....Cath...er...ummm...Alejan...ah nevermind... Karolus

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> Dearest  Ansteorrans
> Whereas the situation at the upcoming Gothic war ( http://trelac.ansteorra.org/Gothic/ )is so very dire, it would seem that my decision to hire a second rate scribe (I did it myself) instead of doing as my wonderful Lady suggested and paying more for a properly experienced artist to do the writing for me was... a rash one.  There where you see...Financial concerns (I spent all my money on booze for Gothic) which prompted my decision to take the task on.
> Whereas I cannot confirm, nor deny the existence of an army of undead chickens in the west-lands, there is some small Intel suggesting that this may well be the case (salmonella eggs anyone), and so cannot be ruled out completely.   Nor do I expect the Zombie-king Hrafn to act, fight, or dress like a chicken or any other bird for the war to come (though that would be a hoot)...I expect he is quite serious about corrupting the souls of us all, and eating our brains. 
> There are however real live zombies out there, the horde grows by the day, and so we must stand together once more and drive back the forces of darkness.
> Again if you would be so kind as to cross post, too many of our message riders failed to return.
> Your Servant
> Damon Xanthus
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