[Elfsea] Twins

Julie Self julie_self at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 16:22:37 PDT 2010

Well, I've just been to see the twins.  Lilliana is vocal and more active than Cassandra, whose face is more relaxed in sleep than her sister.  Could go either way, but warrior/bards sounds great for now.  They are just gorgeous!  I can't tell for sure, but they both have lots of what seems to be reddish-brown hair.  Mom and Dad are pooped but happy and Wiley was on his second diaper change when I left.  You should see him handle the little darlings.  It is hilarious!  You'd think they were going to break or something.

Loch Ruadh Rocks! 
Beam me sideways, Scottie. These people don't know which way is up!

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