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Wed Nov 10 12:30:48 PST 2010

  This is sort of an add sort of not.  The very nice folks out at ironridgesporthorses.com.   Are very interested in working with SCA in the area to share the passion and some of the history of horsmanship.  Heather, Nita and Jason are very positive for beginners and seasoned riders.  They are a bit out of town being near whiteboro.  Please check out the web site and blog.  They understand our passion for the historical and have offered a very nice rate for sca folks and the riding classes.  As well as planning for some sca training specific events in the future.( Possibly free or small charge) Depending on the local populations level of interest. 
As well as joining our merry band of misadventurers. 

Thank you
Cent. Fiacha the blue. 
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