[Elfsea] Armor work day, Nov. 13 (Tomorrow, Saturday)

Genie Barrett maggegene at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 15:02:23 PST 2010

Hey All,

The Armoring day tomorrow at Terrence's house, in Terrell, is still a
go.  We'll be working in the barn so don't worry about weather.


Everything is still a 'go' for armor work day tomorrow.  I will put
out a board walkway so we won't have to walk through mud. I'll
probably have a small black and white banner with an "S" marking the

Everyone needs to bring tools and materials, as I only have a limited
amount.  I'll probably have a DVD playing an SCA related movie.
Anyone that can't show up at 11, I'll be out there working on stuff
until about dark so they can come anytime they want.  I also have a
limited number of chairs for loan, so they bring one.

Also, I have plenty of "fertilizer" to give away, so if anyone is
gardening they can bring a bag and I'll fill it.  LOL.


And here is his message from before, with directions....

My address is 1562 Dogpatch Dr., Terrell, TX  75161.  If you don't
have a GPS, go east from Terrell on I-20 to exit 506 "FM 2728/FM 2727
College Mound Road."  Turn right (south) at the first turn off of the
off ramp onto FM 2728 and go @ 2.5 miles to Abner Road.  Abner Road is
disjointed by about 50 feet, so don't turn right, go another 50 feet
and turn left.  Go @ 2 miles on Abner Road, then turn left onto
Dogpatch Drive.  Go about .6 miles.  We are the 6th house on the right
with a big antenna.

Since it is predicted to rain Thursday and Friday the yard may be wet
and slick, so people need to park on the drive, if possible, or to the
right of the drive if that is full.  We can have this rain or shine,
as we will be inside the barn, but it IS a barn, so if anyone has any
allergies to dust, horses, etc, they might want to take benadryl or
whatever they have.  It also might be slick or muddy, so wear shoes
for mud (or whatever else happens in a barnyard) and be careful

The barn has a cement floor, electric lights, and electical outlets.
The weather isn't predicted to be cold, but if it is I will have a
small heater.  I will have a couple of 3 x 6 tables and some other
work benches, and also a couple of anvils to rivet on.  We should have
plenty of room.  I will have the horses blocked out of the work area
so they won't bother us.  Everyone might bring their chairs, drinks,
and a snack or two if they want to stay all day.  I will probably be
working until everyone leaves, or until dark.

If it isn't too wet and someone wants to bring a horse and do some
riding, we have @ 10 acres behind the barn and a round pen.  The round
pen area would probably be good if someone wants to fight, also.


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