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Annwn Shona lady.annwn at gmail.com
Sat Nov 20 11:58:17 PST 2010

Dear friends, as we head into the holiday season we all know how important
home and family is. Last night, a friend of mine lost her home to a fire.
The fire started in her 16 month old son's room, and they mercifully all got
out safe thanks to her husband's quick feet. All that was physically
suffered was some smoke inhilation, mostly by the baby, but all are safe and
as unhurt as possible all things considered.

Their son's birthday was last week, and with the fire originating in his
room, EVERYTHING was lost. The toys, while nice to have, aren't such a big
deal...it's the clothing. Those of you with children know how quickly they
go through it, and how much it can cost. I'm asking my fellow SCAdians to
help a friend of mine. She's not in the metroplex, she is back home in El
Paso, and we'll be seeing her this coming week. I'd like to take as much to
her as possible. It's humbling to see what does and doesn't remain after
such an incident.

The living room, the bathroom, part of the kitchen, and the baby's room are
all gone, as was most of the computer room...they do have homeowners
insurance, so that is wonderful, but you all know just as well as I do how
slowly things can really go with such things.

Right now though, the baby's clothing and such are the most important, and
am asking if there is anyone out there that is willing to donate clothing or
whatever you feel you want to do. The baby is in 18-24 month clothing, and I
am unsure about the shoe size. He's not very tall though, I must say...he
never had much of a chance considering the height of his parents! *lol*

We will be leaving the metroplex Tuesday evening for the drive to El
Paso/Las Cruces where we will be spendnig thanksgiving with John's family.
If you can help (and BTW, second hand is GREAT!! Anything from places like
Kid-to-Kid, resale shops, whatever!) please contact me privately, and I'll
make arrangements to get whatever from you before we leave.

I know it's so close to Christmas, and Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday,
but if you could help out at all, I can tell you it would be deeply

Thank you for your time,
mka: shona
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