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I"m posting this to the populace, as you would be the ones to wrangle the troops for a presence at Middlefaire. (Was originally sent to Morgarten in July and forwarded to me afterward - Sorry about the delay).
If we want a presence, I need a volunteer to wrangle this and coordinate with Padraig (his email address is attached).
Thank you.
Elfsea Seneschal
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Subject: SCA Presence at Middlefaire

Unto the Seneschals of the Central Region,
Greetings from Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain.
Seneschal of the Shire of Loch Ruadh
Loch Ruadh has recently finished negotiating a contract with the owner of the Middlefaire Renaissance and Medieval Festival site, Paul Delacroix, for our fall event.  Paul mentioned to the Autocrat, Lord Alric, and me that he would like to have an SCA presence at the Faire, and would be willing to provide space for a booth, and passes for those who are willing to work it.  My thoughts are that while it would be difficult for one group to keep a booth manned for the three major festivals that Middlefaire puts on, this might be an excellent opportunity for the Central Region to share, especially as the majority of the faire-goers would most likely come from our region, and might provide us with a good recruiting venue.
I presented this idea to Countess Margaret, and she agreed that this would be a good topic for discussion at the upcoming Roundtable.
The three main events at Middlefaire are the Renaissance Festival, this year on the weekends of September 18 through October 3, the Magical and Medieval Fantasy Faire, November 6 &7; there is also the Texas Pirate Festival, which takes place on the first weekend of May.
The owner has been doing a lot of work on the site, and is continually expanding and making improvements.  He is very pro-SCA, and seems very willing to make any reasonable accomodations to have an SCA presence on site.  More information on Middlefaire can be found at http://www.middlefest.com/.
To recap:  Middlefaire would like to have an SCA presence, and will provide space for a booth and passes for those who work it.  We would have to build the booth and maintain it.  We would determine the activities, demos, etc., that would be presented.
Is this something your groups might be interested in supporting?
In Service,
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