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As the senior Steppes Artisan present yesterday, it is my honor to 
congratulate our 23rd Artisan of the Steppes, the Honorable Lady Katya, on a superb 
display that gained her the title. Although there had been much confusion 
due to a lack of event steward and place to hold the event, we still had 14 
entrants that made our decision very difficult. Our thanks to Symmone de Aix 
who stepped up to put together such an excellent event in such a short amount 
of time.
Those who were present heard the announcement I made during court. At our 
next Artisan, we are instituting the Branwyn O"Brallaghan prize. This will be 
for a single entry where the artist took something that others could not 
see a use for, and turned it into a treasure. Those of you who knew Mistress 
Branwyn know that she was famous for her trash-into-treasure abilities, and 
the Baron and Baroness, and members of the Artisans of the Steppes feel that 
this is a good way to recognize her legacy in the arts for both this Barony 
and the Kingdom. This award will be made independent of the Artisan judging, 
but will be judged by the Artistans of the Steppes and Their Excellencies. 
The prize for the first winner of this award will be a trompe l'oeil box 
created by Mistress Branwyn herself. We are announcing this now in order to 
give all artisans significant time to turn out an entry worthy of such a prize.
In service to the Steppes
the Honorable el-Sayyidda Saqra al-Kudsi
6th Artisan of the Steppes
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