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Sun Sep 19 18:28:49 PDT 2010

Greetings to the Barony of Elfsea and the Canton of Dragonsfire Tor from
Countess Margaret ny Connor, your (rather tardy) Central Region Seneschal.

My apologies for the timing of this message - unfortunately, the modern
world has absorbed my entire attention for the last few weeks, and the
following announcement, which should have been made over a week ago, is only
just now making its way to you.  The good gentles who have hopes to become
the next Baron and Baroness of Elfsea tendered their letters of intent to
Their Royal Highnesses before the submission deadline of September 9th.
There are two couples who will be the subjects of a polling to be held at
the OCTOBER Elfsea Moot.  The polling was supposed to have been held this
month, but the populace of Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor need time to consider
the candidates, approach them with questions and decide who they believe
should be the next Baron and Baroness.  Since I'm only just now getting this
announcement out to you all, I have rescheduled the polling for next month.

So, the candidates for the office are (in alphabetical order by the
Gentleman's name):

1.  Centurion Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza and the Honorable Lady Amalia
2.  The Honorable Lord Cathal Finn O'Brian and Lady Genevieve de Lironcourt

    As I mentioned above, the polling will be held at Elfsea's OCTOBER
Moot.  The Central Region Seneschal (me) or my deputy will be there to
conduct the polling. *You must be there in person to take the Opinion Poll*.
If there is an overwhelmingly compelling reason you cannot make it to the
Opinion Polling, contact the Kingdom Seneschal beforehand. The rest of the
schedule for selection of the next Baron and Baroness is as follows:

*Thursday, 10/28/10:* All email with commentary about the Baronial
candidates is due to the Coronet, TRH Ulstead and Ebergardis.  Write to
Their Highnesses - make your thoughts and opinions known to Them!


*Saturday, 11/05/10:* Baronial candidates will meet one-on-one with the
Crown in the evening at Coronation.

*Saturday, 11/13/10:* The Crown announces Their final decision. The time lag
is to allow Them enough time to read each and every one of the opinion poll
forms and commentary emails.

    Please remember, Baronial pollings are not a democratic vote and do not
necessarily determine who will be chosen for a position. Rather, pollings
provide a way for the Crown to hear and consider the opinions of the
populace on the matter of Baronial succession. The Crown considers many
factors when choosing new landed nobility, only one of which is the results
of the polling.

    The results of the Baronial polling will *NOT* be made public. This is
the norm for opinion polls conducted in Ansteorra. The results of the
polling will be known only by the Regional Seneschal, the Kingdom Seneschal
and the Crown and Coronet. The results will not be shared with anyone else:
not the candidates, not the current local landed nobility, not the populace,
no one.


Countess Margaret ny Connor
Central Regional Seneschal
Kingdom of Ansteorra
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