[Elfsea] Fwd: Need a place to stay.

Bhrngari hollya at dragonstoybox.com
Wed Sep 29 16:54:52 PDT 2010

Genevieve wrote:

We're a little farther away then you'd probably want.  We are in the South 
Arlington area, just on the boarder of Ft Worth.  But we have a spare 
bedroom and if you don't have anyone closer we'd be happy to help.

We are pet heavy with 2 dogs and 3 cats so as long as there aren't allergy 
issues your husband is quite welcome.

M'lady, I am so sorry I'm replying so late.  Our stupid notebook decided to 
die on us while I was in TX.  I'm back home on the desktop and can reply 
now.  Thank you so much for you very kind offer!  Since we couldn't get on 
the net, we went ahead and paid for another week at the motel ($300! 
Yikes!).  The trailer should be finished this week, and then I'll start 
moving down in the next two weeks.  I'm excited about meeting y'all.  Again, 
thanks so much for your kindness!

Oh, and btw, I am a mehandi artist, and I will need to practice.  Any 
willing vict...er, volunteers out there to let me sling some henna on 
them? :)


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