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I am sorry to hear that.  Your presence will be missed.  I appreciate your 
letting me know since you were part of last years team.



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I can't do it this year.  I'm already scheduled for a week off of work during GW 
and just can't squeeze in the extra half-day away from the office to do this.


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>Greetings Elfsea;
>Last year we did a demo at Snow Heights Elementary school.  We were so 
>impressive they have asked for us to return.  They are doing a Fine Arts day and 
>have asked for our artisans to come forth and educate their students.  
>It will be between 8:15am and 11:15am, 11 March 2011.  They are going to have 
>three 45 minute class periods for us to present our talents.  I know this is a 
>Friday and the Friday before Gulf War.  Hopefully we will be ready for the war 
>by then and can give some time to these students.
>Please let me know if you can be there and what you will be bringing.  
>In Service
>Don Sebastian Frobishire
>Elfsea Hospitaler
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