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  You're welcome to come down any time.  I'm glad we were able to help.  The imperial stout you liked so much was brewed by Vasili. 

My blog which includes some shots from open armour shops: http://burgundianhours.blogspot.com/

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This weekend I traveled three and a half hours to the Barony of Bryn Gwlad
from the Barony of the Steppes to seek assistance with a few armoring
projects that are keeping me from getting my fighting kit ready.  I
accomplished a lot of things on my list, but I also learned a great deal:
about armoring, brewing, history, and the SCA...but also about the generous
spirit that makes the Society special.

Sir Gaston de Clermont welcomed me into his home and his workshop – it was
one of his “open armoring shop nights” – and was very generous with his time
and experience.  I watched as he moved smoothly from one person to the next,
helping with a variety of projects, teaching and explaining in cramped
quarters and with tremendous patience.  It is not hard to see how the
efforts and enthusiasm of one man can greatly affect the richness of the
Dream for many people around him.  I am grateful for his generosity with his
time, his expertise, his tools, and his materials...oh, and the really nice
mulberry mead was a nice touch, too!  (As was the delicious Imperial stout
shared by the gentleman whose name I’ve sadly forgotten.)

Master Peter of the Golden Isles then showed me tremendous hospitality in
taking me into his home and spending many hours in the shop with me pounding
out armor projects.  He proved to be a skilled teacher, managing to impart a
few skills to even a novice like me!  And he did so with great patience and
his unique sense of humor.  My conversations with him about persona, armor,
and common SCA acquaintances were warm and fascinating.  I am deeply
grateful to him and his wife for their kindness, and I feel honored to have
been tutored by so skilled a master armorer.

Every day, all across the Known World, kindnesses like these are done by the
good folks of the SCA.  Lady Viviana, Her Excellency Amalia, and others have
been so generous here nearer home.  I just wanted to spread the word about
these two men and express my deep gratitude to them.

Yours in Service,

Antoine D’Aubernoun

Barony of the Steppes
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