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Thanks to Silvias for a job well done. And for Elspeth, congratulations!


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Greetings to the populous of Elfsea.


As you know, Lord Sylvius the Fop announced some months ago that his
office was open for bids.  I would like to thank Lord Sylvius for his
service. He saw the group through the Baronial transition and managed to
keep up even though his work took him far a feild and he and his wife,
Mistress Hana, welcomed their son into the world.  Congratulations,
thank you, and I know that we will see you continue to be an asset to
the Barony.


At this time I would like to announce that, as of Saturday June 18,
2011, the new seneschal of Elfsea is Elspeth de Stervlen.  Lady Espeth
is well known to the Barony, and I'm sure you will all join me in
welcoming her to the position.


Yours in Service,


Baroness Alys

Central Regional Seneschal 

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