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Sun Nov 6 14:54:47 PST 2011

Unto the Grand Kingdom that is Ansteorra, Greetings;

    There is but a week until the Barony of Elfsea has it's annual Baronial 
College.  We have over 25 classes scheduled to educate and entertain you.  But 
alas no fighting classes.  We have a large area that would be perfect for 
fighting classes.  We also have a student body (Texas Wesleyan University) to 
possibly impress and astound.  I understand that a lot of heavy fighters will be 
else where.  Still we invite instructors of all fighting disciplines to contact 
me and schedule some class time.
    Remember also we will have our competition for the Elfsea Baronial Bard and 
Artisan.  As well a competition for the best Kingdom Award Insignia and 
    A fun time will be had by all.  We look forward to seeing all of you, ok a 
lot of you there.
Yours In Service
Don Sebastian Frobishire
Elfsea Baronial College Event Steward
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