[Elfsea] Off List Request for a silversmith

Jackie Saunders alkudsi at aol.com
Fri Feb 3 14:09:52 PST 2012

I am looking for someone who can cast in silver. A non-SCA friend would like a special piece cast for a lady friend, and he likes the quality of work he's seen in the SCA. He has very definite design ideas, but they are not super complicated. He's willing to pay a fair price, with 1/2 the estimated price up front for supplies, and the remainder when the piece is complete.

The piece is a pendant, about half-dollar size, with an enlarged bail that would allow the pendant to be worn on a small omega, chain, leather cord or ribbon. He wants it roughly round, but doesn't want it to look too "coin-like" so would welcome an edge design element. The relief design on the top is a Neolithic German line design of a wolf, and on the reverse, he'd like an engraved W (he even knows the type font). 

He's looking to have this in about 8 weeks, so if you are interested and have the time, please contact me off list.

HL Saqra
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