[Elfsea] Rapier Combatants of Elfsea: Attend!

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Tue Feb 7 23:28:35 PST 2012

Unto the most serene Azure Barony of Elfsea, do I, Herr Andreas von Meißen,
Companion of the Order of the Cavendish Knot of the Midrealm and proud
subject of the Stellar Crown, send greetings.

Today, as the wind whips outside the temperature falls, there remain but
thirty-two days before the opening of the Gulf Wars. But thirty-two days to
prepare ourselves for the coming thunder of the Trimairan Horde, and to
steele our hearts, minds, and blades for the trials ahead.

Therefore, I do hereby lay a challenge before the Barony: let all who are
fit and able and authorized present themselves and their steel at Elfsea
practice tomorrow. Let us combine our talents, use each other's strengths
to remove any weaknesses, and make the weakest among us the equal of the
greatest of any from afar. Let us show that the light of the Sable Star
shines from our very souls, blinding those who might deign to stand before

Let even those who cannot attend War make themselves present, for their
talents are the Barony's talents, and without them, the training of Their
Excellencies armies would suffer. Truly, no loyal servant of Ansteorra
would allow this to be. Let ALL of us train together, so that we sharpen to
the keenest edge the force which shall rend our enemies asunder.

Let us prove to all that the Rapier muster of Elfsea can stand with any in
the Known World.

Present yourselves at practice tomorrow.

Signed this 8th day of February, Anno Societatis XLVI, in the Year of Our
Lord 2012,

Herr Andreas von Meißen, OCK

Proud subject of the Stellar Throne
Loyal servant to Their Azure Excellencies Alejandro y Amalia
Cadet to Her Tiniest Excellency Warder Brighid MacCumhal, Baroness of the
Court of Dag and AnneMarie, Rex et Regina Mediterranae

Andrew R. Mizener/ Herr Andreas von Meißen
Cadet to Warder Brighid MacCumhal
Barony of Elfsea - Nautilus Pursuivant
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