[Elfsea] Pavilion painting

Darr Sarah ladyadelaide at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 16 10:59:55 PST 2012

We will be painting the new pavilion on Fri the 24 of Feb at Armand and 
Ameline's warehouse.  We will paint the blue parts on Fri, leave it to dry till 
Sun morning.  Sun morning we will need to do the black outlining and the shells 
details.  Our hope is that it will be dry enough to put back in to storage late 
Sun evening.  The only calender conflict is Bonwick investiture.  I would think 
all of us would want a beautiful pavilion for our Baroness's elevation into the 
Laurels Circle.

On a different note. I will be unable to make gulf wars this year, and that 
leaves our Baroness with out a lady in waiting.  If you will be attending, you 
might check with her and see if she can use you help. I appreciate any help on 
either topic, and remain...

In Service
Lady Adelaide
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