[Elfsea] Call for Submissions!!!!!!

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Tue Feb 21 17:06:09 PST 2012

Oyez!  Oyez!

Greetings Elfsea, it is that time again for me to request your submissions
for the Elfsea Tidings. Officers you have your very own spaces that are for
you only!  Please don't allow there to be any blank spaces, tell the people
of Elfsea the wonderful happenings within your area.  Articles, those are
things we love!  We need articles to teach, cartoons to laugh, and recipes
to nourish!  Elfsea Champions, please send up the items you would like to
share with us, even if it just an update of what you have been up too.
 Elfsea wants to hear!

Submissions will be accepted no later than the end of Moot.  You need to
make sure you have filled out one of the releases below that coordinate
with your submission and sent with the submission.  All you have to do is
click on the coordinating link below and fill it out online then save it
and attach it with your submission e-mail.

Also, I have had a couple of people volunteer to assist me for the March
and April issues.  Robin Mitchell is going to be my editor and Scott Landau
(a new person in our group) is going to help me put things together.

As I said previously, my last newsletter will be the November issue.  I
will be opening up the office September so there is plenty of time for us
to find a fantastic replacement.  Of course, between you and me, I think
you should apply!

Thank you for your time and don't forget to SUBMIT!!!!!!!


*In Service, *
*Ldy Katrine la Esclopiera,*
*Elfsea Chronicler*
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