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Baron of Elfsea baron at elfsea.ansteorra.org
Thu Feb 23 18:50:52 PST 2012

Greetings unto the populace of Elfsea,

Not too long ago, the SCA started taking steps to a more comprehensive data
management plan.  Part of that plan has been a transition of group websites
and email to a more centrally located, and consistently managed

Today, Centurion Cathal has transitioned the Elfsea website from its old
URL of http://www.elfsea.net to http://elfsea.ansteorra.org

Also, all of the officers, including ourselves, have email addresses for
the same domain.  You will be able to contact any of the officers through
these email accounts.  The email accounts will provide a better transition
between officers, since the account is "owned" by Elfsea and not the
individual.  Also, any official correspondence will come from those email
addresses.  The email account is accessed through GMail, which quite a few
of us are now familiar with its workings.

For the officers of Elfsea, you will have received an email from Mistress
Emma, to your personal email address of previous record, with instructions
on how to log in and get your officer email.  You can set up your GMail
account to forward a copy of any email it receives to a personal account as
needed.  That way, you will know to check your GMail account. However,
please reply to any of those emails through the GMail interface, and not
your personal email.

If you have any questions about some of the more SCA Inc. level aspect of
these changes, do not hesitate to ask His Excellency Alejandro.  If you
have any technical questions about the email and the new website, please
contact Centurion Cathal.

Alejandro y Amalia
Barón y Baronesa
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