[Elfsea] Blood Drive at Candlemas: Urgent Notice

Andreas von Meißen scamiz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 23:30:16 PST 2012

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If you're going to Candlemas, please consider donating blood.
I cannot, and wish I could.

-- Andreas

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Bryn Gwlad is hosting a blood drive at Candlemas.    However we
currently have a limited number of individuals who have committed to
the drive.   Due to the expense of setting up a blood drive we need to
increase the number of commitments  for the drive.   If we do not have
15-18 individuals signed up by Monday the drive will be cancelled.

You can sign up for the drive at


If you have any questions about donating or cannot sign up online you
can contact the blood drive coordinator Kent Nitcholas for more

Kent Nitcholas
knitcholas at inyourhands.org

Thank you for your consideration in this life saving donation

Andrew R. Mizener/ Herr Andreas von Meißen
Cadet to Warder Brighid MacCumhal
Barony of Elfsea - Nautilus Pursuivant
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