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I can teach the following classes:

"An Introduction to Heraldry in the Society for Creative Anachronism"
"German Rapier: An Introduction to Joachim Meyer and his Kunst des Fechtens"
"Achievements of Arms: What They Are, What you Get, When you Get It, and
What You Can Do With Them"
"Better Fencing Through Aphorisms: Andreas' Rules of Fencing"

-- Andreas the Really Only Good At Two Things

 To the Populace of Elfsea, Greetings;
> I have been selected as the event steward for "Elfsea Baronial College -
> 2012" and I need your help, rather quickly .
> The event takes place 7 July 2012 and there are things we need to
> accomplish before then.  I cannot make this event take place without the
> Baronies assistance.  I realize this is very short notice and for that I
> apologize.  There have been some complications that had to be taken care of
> before an Event Steward could be decided on.  I appreciate your
> understanding and assistance.
> The event will be at the Polytechnic United Methodist Church, at Texas
> Wesleyan University.  This is the same location as last year.  The specific
> areas I need help with are; Set-up/Break-down Coordinator, Gate Coordinator
> and Instructors.  Other positions as needed will be announced.  If you
> would like to volunteer for any position or to be there as needed please
> let me know.
> There will not be a Black Star announcement due to the time restraints so
> this is not an official event.  That said it is still our event and I hope
> we can make this happen and show others the grand way Elfsea makes things
> happen.
> In Service
> Don Sebastian Frobishire
> Hospitaler, Archery Marshall-at-Large and Event Steward

Andrew R. Mizener/ Herr Andreas von Meißen
Cadet to Warder Brighid MacCumhal
Barony of Elfsea - Nautilus Pursuivant
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