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I can teach a class Basic English Tudor Kirtle - There is no wrong way to make one. All that take the class will be able to come home with a kirtle bodice pattern.
Lady Elizabethe

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Thank you.  I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner. (summer school).  So far you are the only instructor.  I would like to wait a little longer before we select which classes you teach. 


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I can teach the following classes: 

"An Introduction to Heraldry in the Society for Creative Anachronism" 
"German Rapier: An Introduction to Joachim Meyer and his Kunst des Fechtens" 
"Achievements of Arms: What They Are, What you Get, When you Get It, and What You Can Do With Them" 
"Better Fencing Through Aphorisms: Andreas' Rules of Fencing" 
-- Andreas the Really Only Good At Two Things 

To the Populace of Elfsea, Greetings; 
>I have been selected as the event steward for "Elfsea Baronial College - 2012" and I need your help, rather quickly . 
>The event takes place 7 July 2012 and there are things we need to accomplish before then.  I cannot make this event take place without the Baronies assistance.  I realize this is very short notice and for that I apologize.  There have been some complications that had to be taken care of before an Event Steward could be decided on.  I appreciate your understanding and assistance. 
>The event will be at the Polytechnic United Methodist Church, at Texas Wesleyan University.  This is the same location as last year.  The specific areas I need help with are; Set-up/Break-down Coordinator, Gate Coordinator and Instructors.  Other positions as needed will be announced.  If you would like to volunteer for any position or to be there as needed please let me know.    
>There will not be a Black Star announcement due to the time restraints so this is not an official event.  That said it is still our event and I hope we can make this happen and show others the grand way Elfsea makes things happen.    
>In Service 
>Don Sebastian Frobishire 
>Hospitaler, Archery Marshall-at-Large and Event Steward

Andrew R. Mizener/ Herr Andreas von Meißen
Cadet to Warder Brighid MacCumhal 
Barony of Elfsea - Nautilus Pursuivant 
<< Qui quærit, invenit >>

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