[Elfsea] Gulf Wars achievements from Elfsea

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Let's start posting some of the cool things that Elfsea folk did at Gulf Wars. Our Baron was busy. He: heralded Opening Ceremonies, Ansteorra Court and Great Court.Fought in every battle (other than the combat archery only) and I personally watch him and Centurion Cathal wipe out a shield wall.Partnered with the Elfsea Rapier Champion, Lorenzo, Finaled in the Diamond Tournament wherethey finally fell to His Majesty of the West Uther and Don Blayde.  Our Knight Marshal, Sven Randalsson, won the Atlantian Squire's Tournament where he facedour own Centurion Dietrich in the Finals.  Centurion Dietrich was also called on several times (often out of bed) to care for sick and injuredpopulace members. We really appreciated having him with us. HL Kiermegan (Pyro) fed everyone breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage every morning. Thorkel received his AoA. Add more cool stuff! Everyone pitched in and made Elfsea a wonderful place to be this war. One gentleman from Tennessee came to me and told me that he preferred to hang out with us than with his own Barony.There was lots of laughter, good food and drink and companionship. Even the standoff-ish "lads" woundup hanging out with everyone under the shade pavillion and felt like they were part of the group. And when we can get Niall the confidence to actually "flip the bird" at someone, you know we have succeeded! Yers, GuntharElfsea Defender 		 	   		  
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