[Elfsea] Youth Combat Planned for these events!

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Sat Mar 24 08:20:42 PDT 2012

Good morning to all,

Youth Combat is exploding in Ansteorra, and
fresh on the heals of Gulf Wars, Their Excellencies Alejandro and Amalia of
Elfsea have once again given the nod for a tourney for our fearce young
warriors at Elfsea Defender to battle alongside their older mentors!

planned are Steppes Warlord where Alexandra, the Steppes YC Marshal, will have
some surprises along with the tourney before Their Excellencies Duncan and
Genevieve.  Last year the fighting was
amazing and saw our Kingdom’s future defenders impressing many hard-bitten
chivalric fighters watching them on the field.

is nigh, and again Their Majesties Hrafn and Elizabeta will not only see
Champions arise from the ranks of skilled fighters and artisans, but from our
young as well, so polish your armor and boffer swords!

confirmed yet but hopefully soon will see our mighty mini-fighters doing battle
with the avenging Monkey Hordes at Glaslyn Defender.  (Last year had all of the watchers both
impressed, and laughing uproariously! 
You don’t want to miss this one…)

now have Youth Combat Marshals along the coast coming aboard, and you can
expect to see the ranks of Ansteorra’s warriors swelling majestically.

feel free to contact me freely with any questions or if I may be of service to
you in any way, and we hope to see you all at one or more of these exciting
Springtime events!


Region Marshal, Ansteorra

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