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A work crew from Elfsea spent last Saturday at Camp Braley, the Elfsea Defender site, and I'm happy to report that it looks wonderful.  Increased attention by the Boy Scouts has resulted in a larger groomed area, so we have space to comfortably house all of our planned activities.  A couple of things to note, however:
* This site is mostly primitive.  There will be adequate port-a-potties, but the shower facilities are limited.  We anticipate having one or two on-demand shower systems, and one or two rigged cold-water systems in the current shower building.  There is no electricity on site.
* This is NOT a barefoot site.  Although we cleaned off a good bit of the parking, camping, tournament and food areas, mesquite branches mown down still dot the areas here and there.  Thick soled shoes are a MUST.
* The road into and through the site is not well graded.  Take it slowly.
* Bring plenty of sunscreen.  The breeze and light reflection off of the reservoir are intense and a sunburn is very easy to acquire here.
* If you are camping, bring plenty of water.  The same conditions that can give a good sunburn will dehydrate you more quickly than you think.
With that said and those precautions in mind, I invite you to join us in camping at the event if you wish.  We have an expanded camping area and a fire pit area to encourage bardic.  Additionally, there will be two taverns running, so there will be no need to leave site (and potentially get lost in the dark) to get food.  You may find the current event schedule here:  http://www.amaliascloset.com/Defender2012/schedule_frame.html.
For those of you unfamiliar with the site, or just because it's been a year since your last visit, here are some basic directions:  Find your best route to Highway 6 heading east from Waco.  Turn left on Hallsburg Road (FM 3222), left on Hall Drive, following the curve away from the school to make a right on Wilbanks Drive.  The site will be on your left, just past the reservoir boat landing area.  If you get to Pavelka Drive, you've gone too far.
See you there!
Countess Elizabeth
Event Steward, Elfsea Defender
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