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> Ladies,
> I thought I was dead, but it appears that I may be resurrected :) my 12 year old stepson has evinced a string interest in rapier and in joining the SCA. Our custody schedule is such that while we have him during the week, his mother has him most weekends -so finding a Saturday practice is out if we want to be able to attend events when we can.
> I'm hoping to find a rapier fighter in the Elfsea/Loch Ruadh area (we live in Weatherford) who would be interested in being hired as a rapier tutor for our young man on an evening during the week. I'd like our son to get a feel for rapier and decide if he thinks it is right for him. If he does, my hope would be to get him associated with a Don's household so that he could make friends and learn.
> Would you be so kind as to forward this to any individuals or lists that are appropriate? I'm excited to think that I might be able to come out of seclusion! I can be reached via email or phone at 817-320-8551.
> Thank you!
> Countess Aria de Chatillon
> Rita Rice
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