[Elfsea] Boy Scout Demo 10 Nov 2012

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 I have a spear that I made back when I was blacksmithing if you want it, but I will not be at the demo.  The tip started life as a rail spike (not the whole spike), and the shaft is made from a 5 ft. oak shovel handle, which was increadibly weathered when I assembled it long ago, but a belt sander, sandpaper, and some tung oil and paste wax have restored it to a better-than-new finish, and there are no splinters that I can find.  The point is affixed to the shaft with bailing wire.  
I am not a spear thrower so I have no idea how it would throw. I suspect it might be good for fishing.
If you know of someone headed that way, I'd be happy to hand it off.  I live in Bedford (near 121 and Cheek-Sparger).


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I finished putting together the three (should have been four, they had to back-order the last spearhead) throwing spears for the demo.  Also have four kukris that can go either way - tomahawk or throwing knife.
They and the sword collection will be there in the morning.

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I will have a portable fire pit with us.  If someone brings wood, we will have a camp fire.

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Greetings One and All;


    This is just a friendly reminder that the Boy Scout Camporee Demo at the Texas Motor Speedwy is this Saturday, 10 November 2012.  We are only expecting about 8000 people to attend.  The Barony of Elfsea invites you to come and help us show the Boy Scouts of America what it is to participate in the SCA.  We will have Rapier, Youth and Chivalric fighting, A & S displays and classes, Archery and Axe throwing demonstrations.  You can come out on Friday night and stay until Sunday if you wish.  There is no fee.  We also have a few spots around the list field available for period pavillions.


We will be useing a back gate at the corner of Dale Earnhart Pkwy and Allison Ave. (North side of the racetrack)  There is a "North Tunnel" sign at the intersection and we will post an "SCA" sign as well.  


If you are coming out and have not made contact with the Event Stewards, HL Elspeth de Stervlen or Don Sebastian Frobishire please do so.  You will need wrist bands since we are not paying to enter the Camporee.


We hope to see you there;

HL Elspeth; seneschal at elfsea.ansteorra.org

Don Sebastian; hospitaler at elfsea.ansteorra.org





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