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Sun Nov 11 19:05:13 PST 2012

Greetings Elfsea and Ansteorra;
    Thank you so very, very, very much to all of you who braved the 30 mph winds 
to make the Boy Scout Camporee Demo a huge success.  We would say thank you even 
more, but you would probably get tired of reading it and close the email.  We 
requested, guilted, begged and borrowed volunteers from near and far and 46 of 
you stepped up and made it happen.  

    We had Youth Combatants, Rapier and Chivalric Fighters, Don Alaric's sword 
collection, an excellent A&S display, axe throwing and archery.  There was 
something there for every one.
    To those that were able to help with the loading of the trailer (Amalia, 
Caelin, Pyro, Crandall, Gerhardt, Caitrina and Eoghan (Scotty)) thank you.  To 
those that were able to help with unloading the trailer ( Amalia, Alejandro, 
Caitrina, Gerhardt, William, Cassandra, Jared, and Niall) thank you too.
    A special thanks to Caitrina for serving as Camp Mom and keeping us all fed.
    Now in no particular order the folks that were able to make it to the Demo 
and impress thousands of Scouts and their leaders; Alejandro, Amalia, Rhiannon, 
Tostig, Jaquelinne, Elizabethe, Roland, Guyon, Desiree, Germanicus, Dane, 
Edwin, Caitrina, Crandall, Caelin, Pyro, Diana, Tomas, Rixende, Alise, Franklin, 
Katya, Katherine, Ingabod, Janie, Ameline, Aeryn, Robin, Andreas, Justin, Gavin, 
Gerhart, Adelaide, William, Cassandra, Jared, Arthur, Tony, Niall, Alaric, 
Gisele, Cristobal and Alisone, thank you all so much.  If we have left anyone 
out our sincere apologies.
    We truly appreciate all the effort that was put into making this Demo 
happen, thank goodness the Camporee only happens every three years .  

Yours In Service;
Elspeth & Sebastian
Camporee Demo Event Stewards
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