[Elfsea] Ansteorra gate repair trip

Hrafn hrafnolafsson at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 29 07:00:25 PST 2012

In less than two weeks, a number of us are heading to the Gulf Wars site to work on the Ansteorra Gates. While they are still impressive, a number of years of weathering and neglect (not to mention a hurricane or two) have left them in desperate need of repair. If not done, within a year or two they are likely to collapse or be beyond saving. So people from all over the Kingdom are converging to spend a long weekend repairing and enhancing one of the great sources of pride that we have. Think of how much they add to our Gulf Wars experience, all the great group photos that have been taken in front of them. Keep all that and more in your minds and hearts and please come and join us in our efforts to make sure they continue to withstand the test of time.

I am planning on leaving on Thursday the 13th after work, and can take up to 3 other people with me in the truck. I also will be bringing my panther pavilion and can comfortably sleep 4-5 people in it barracks-style. We will be returning on Sunday the 16th.

Anyone who is interested in riding down with me or securing crash space, please contact me. This will be a weekend that promises to be fun, productive, and a great way to give something back to your Kingdom.

- Duke Hrafn

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