[Elfsea] Officers - New officers, and open positions and event bids....IMPORTANT

Seneschal of Elfsea seneschal at elfsea.ansteorra.org
Fri Nov 30 11:56:10 PST 2012

Greetings Elfsea!

I would like to congratulate:

Lord Edwin de Brus as our new Knight Marshal
Lady Diana the Just as our new Chronicler
Lady Caitrina inghean Mhurchadha as our new Exechequer (as of January 2013
Round Table)

Congratulations and Thank You!

There are also the following offices open for application:

Archery Marshal
Rapier Marshal
Deputy to the Herald

On another very important note, the bids for Defender are still needed.
The bid process closed at Defender Holiday Party, December 17.

As was stated by Their Excellencies at Populace this past Monday, " If
there are no bids for Defender, We will assume that means the Barony does
not wish to have the event."

This is serious, as well as the open offices.  In point of fact, the open
offices are more important.  If the required offices are not filled, our
Baronial Status could be in question. If you have any questions regarding
any of the open positions, please contact the current officer, if there is
no officer in place, contact the Seneschal or Baron and Baroness.

The Barony needs to fill these positions by January Round Table.  Please
consider applying, and helping the Barony.

In Service,

HL Elspeth de Stervlen
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