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Fri Nov 30 12:28:48 PST 2012

Greetings Officers and Financial Committee:

At 7:00 pm on Decemver 17 (the evening of the Holiday Party) we will
discuss the financial policy.  Changes do not have to be made, it is simply
a review to determine if the current policy will stand for the Barony in
the coming year.

Below is the current policy, please review it and bring any suggestions, or
comments to the meeting.

1. The Barony shall have its yearly budget approved by the populace. The
budget is due by Moot

in September each year. Each officer should list anticipated expenses for
that office for the

coming year and present them at business meeting prior to September Moot.

2. The populace must approve any unbudgeted expenditure over $200.00.
Expenditure shall be

valued at the total of payments if the expenditure is made in payments. Any
expenditure that

requires payment in advance mush have an invoice before payment can be made

3. Receipts for out of pocket expenses must be turned in within 2 moots
from the date of purchase

or the expenses will not be reimbursed.

4. Prior to lending or borrowing funds, the Barony will have in writing,
the method of repayment,

liability, and profit disbursement.

5. The Barony shall loan funds or property to SCA Inc, only.

6. The financial committee shall consist of the following (1) Baron or
Baroness, (2) Seneschal, (3)

Exchequer and two members at large.

7. The two at large members shall be selected by majority vote of the
warranted officers of the

Barony of Elfsea.

8. Financial Committee Members that miss more than 2 meetings shall be
reviewed to see if

removal from the financial committee is needed.

9. A member can be removed by a majority vote of the committee.

10. Vacancies must be announced at moot and published in the newsletter.
Vacancies must be filled

within 30 days of the position becoming vacant.

11. Financial committee members must be members of the SCA.

12. The Baron, Baroness and Seneschal shall receive a copy of the
Exchequer’s quarterly report by e-

mail or hardcopy within 30 days of filing. A copy of the quarterly report
will be available for any

member of the financial committee to review upon request.

13. The financial committee must approve event bids with attached budgets.
Every event Steward

must have a Keystone to assist them.

14. Expenses for an event must be turned in to the exchequer within 2 weeks
after the event, so the

report can be prepared and sent in on time.

15. Joint events will be subject to all regional financial policies, with
baronial representation.

16. An acting officer shall have the power to access and spend the funds
allocated for said office and

exercise the authority of the office.

 Revised 9-2011

Thank you,

In Service,

HL Elspeth de Stervlen

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