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Special thanks goes to Gerhart, for putting up with me during, yet another, event....His support is immeasurable.  Thank you for the support, and the help...You were, actually, my co steward..  

HL Elspeth de Stervlen

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Greetings Elfsea!

There are so many people to thank for the success of Coronation this past weekend.  If someone is missed, please help by adding them, and shouting out their good deeds!!!

thanks go to:

Their Majesties for trusting me, and the Great Barony of Elfsea, to host this most joyous day.

Lady Viviana, and her outstanding crew, for the feast extraordinaire. It was truly delicious.  I am grateful for you stepping up to take on this monumental task.

Lady Layla - you stepped up at the last minute and led the servers...thank you!!  To all those that served feast, thank you...please let me know the names (including newcomers!!!  Huzzah!).

Master Caelin, and his crew at gate, for handling the onslaught...and managing it flawlessly.

Lord Ebbers, and crew, for decorating the hall, and the Sanctuary.  

Duke Hrafn - thank you for the roman tower of jingleness!! the gaming corner was awesome.

HL Adalia VonderBerg for organizing the musicians area...and to everyone that provided entertainment, thank you, it was a joy to listen to.

The set up crew: HL Gerhart, HE Llewellen, HE Xene, Countess Elizabeth, Duke Gunther, Countess Amelot, HE Alejandro, Mistress Ameline, Don Sebastian, Lord Ebbers, (please tell me i did not forget anyone!)...

HE Llewellen and Xene for providing dinner for the crew, above and beyond...my deepest thanks!!

Clean up crew: HL Gerhart, HE Daire, HE Llewelyn,  Lord William Palfrey, Lady Cassandra Palfrey, Lord Jean Paul Hill, Lord Ebbers, and any i might have missed...  (sigh)

HE Llewelyn and HE Xene - My greatest thanks for not only securing the site, but staying and helping until the very last minutes.  Everything You both did, made everything much easier  :)

Countess Elizabeth - thank you for not only being Royal Liaison, but for being confidante, a kind ear, a mentor and friend.  I appreciate you.

Your Excellency, Alejandro, thank you for entrusting me to do (another) coronation.  I have learned many things from each one.

It was a wonderful day full of awards, entertainment, battles, and friendship.  Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating the day.

In Service,

HL Elspeth de Stervlen


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