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Hi all,

In order to further introduce ourselves and help put a face to a name, we are going to post a few pictures here and on the DFT Facebook page.  I will probably exclude any mugshots of Sibri...

OK...this is an old one... from the last reign in 2004, but it actually shows both of us together!

More recent (and grey) picture of Drake from Pennsic this year

A recent one of Sibri (that is not a mugshot)

Fairly recent one of Drake and Sibri again...OK, that is Sir Louis, but he is quite attractive

And, best for last...Sibri again.  The crazy thing is, she is actually as nice as she looks.

Once again, for those who are not on this email list we will share some of these on FB too.  We won't do the same on the Elfsea page because...we live there.  We are really looking forward to seeing everyone!


Drake and Sibri
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Greetings unto the People of Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor,

After consultation and communication with both the Crowns of
Ansteorra and Their Excellencies of Elfsea, we have agreed to assume the duties
of Vicar and Vicaress until the current situation is resolved.  It is our privilege to assist in this role,
but would like to make certain that several items are understood at the outset.  I apologize in advance for the length of this
missive, but there are several important points that we would like to make.

    1.  We will not
participate in, or respond to, negative communication related to the Crown OR
Gerhart and Elspeth.  I intimately
understand the incredible difficulties related to wearing the Ansteorran Crown,
as well as a baronial coronet (as I have previously served within both capacities,
as well as baronial seneschal).  Sibri
and I refuse to add any further heartache or controversy during this trying
    2. The hard-working officers of the Barony perform
the majority of the vital functions related to running the group.  We will concentrate on building positivity
and connectedness within the populace.  This will be particularly true for our plans for personal communication
with new members, as we feel it very important to make their early SCA
experience supportive and welcoming.
    3. We will not be involved in the process currently
underway between the Crown and Their Excellencies.  We will remain absolutely neutral during this
time, allowing for this separate process to run its course.  Our time is far better served in keeping the
populace of Elfsea as satisfied and positively involved in our group.
    4. One of the things that we feel we very much need
to improve is our overall knowledge of different aspects of Elfsea endeavor.  While I am VERY well acquainted with the
fighting community within Elfsea, we have not been as active elsewhere.  This will change immediately.  In order to get up to speed on different
items and interests, we will be attending most of the advertised guild nights,
practices, etc… during the duration of our tenure.  We will, of course, attend all periodic
meetings, etc…  Finally, we will be
contacting and communicating with leading representatives of these other
pursuits to get up to speed.
    5. We also plan to meet with (and attempt to enlist
the aid of) local Peers, Nobles and other baronial leaders to build a network
of support for Elfsea during this period of difficulties.  These requests will be made without any
thought towards each individual’s position on the current Baronial controversy.
    6. Our role as Vicar and Vicaress is temporary, but
we have pledged to work to sustain these functions and work to the best of our
ability until we are longer required to serve in this capacity.  After we are released we have every intention
of returning to a life of peace and tranquility (actually, with two kids life
is usually neither peaceful nor tranquil).
    7. I believe Sibri and I are generally seen as open
and friendly.  This will be expanded even
further during this time.  Feel free to
contact us (at reasonable hours) with any concerns, ideas, etc…  Our contact info is:  Drake / slotshot at sbcglobal.net / (817) 807
5280 … Sibri / (817) 821-2605 / bubblemonkey at sbcglobal.net / 

I think that is it for now.  To summarize, we have been asked to assist during this process and are
happy to do so.  We plan to work very
hard to support the Barony, Canton and populace.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact
us.  We look forward to working with each
of you and to obtaining a broader view and appreciation of all aspect of the
Barony.  Let’s all try to take a step
back and remember the old Baronial saying…. LIFE IS GOOD IN ELFSEA!  We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the Yule Revel on Saturday!

Yours in service,
Duke Quintus Aurelius Dracontius (Drake) and Countess Sibri de Aldebourne

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